Emerald City Parrot Shop Australia started out of a passion for parrots and their health and wellbeing. When my own parrot fell ill, I sought a natural remedy to aide in her recovery. I stumbled across the Avitech products by sheer coincidence and after two years of trying everything else without success (expensive vet treatments, every diet on the market, various medications, supplements, you name it), I ordered Avitech products to try and see if they would help. I am so pleased with the results and I have never looked back. These products made such a difference that I knew I needed to work hard to get them into Australia for the parrot owners here so their birds can experience the same benefits!

As the only registered avitech supplier in Australia we currently hold a permit for Avicalm, Aviglo, Avi-Immune, and Electrovites and are working hard with Australian Customs to be able to supply more of the Avitech products to the Australian public.


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